Monday, June 29, 2009

Protect your hair during the Summer season

Drink from 6 to 8 eight oz. glass of water at day.

Before diving into a pool, rinse your hair with clean water in order to minimize the effects of chlorine.

Clarify & condition your hair right after swimming.

Use protein hair treatments at least once at month during summer or you can deep condition your hair every other day using a source of heat while conditioning your hair (the steam of the shower is great).

Protect your hair from the solar rays. Use an alcohol free, leave-in conditioner with UVA protection and if you go to the beach, braid your hair if you can to protected from the sand and avoid hair dehydration, tangle hair and split ends.

Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent dry, dull, unhealthy looking hair.

If you are blond and notice that your hair is looking gold or brassy due to the solar rays, chlorine in pools or minerals in your tap water, use a purple or blue shampoo.

If your hair turns green as a result of chlorine, tomato juice would remove the greenish tint from your hair. Do not panic, this happens quite often.

If your hair has a silky texture, fix it into a ponytail, cover it with a bandanna or baseball cap before exposing your hair to strong wind in order to avoid hair break.

If you hair is curly you need to use protein treatments at least twice a month, make sure to twist your locks while treating or conditioning your hair in order to facilitate deep penetration of the conditioner.

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Have a Nice Hair.


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