Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reverse Sun Damage, Fine Lines and Adult Blemish

As a Hairdresser, I'm always looking for products that enhance the look of modern men and women, I try the products that promise to help me improve my appearance and boost my self esteem

I'm a hairdresser that always wear high heels and like to dress-up in white, black, or sometimes a combination of both. I love to feel avant garde and well dressed, but if my figure, health, hair and skin are not matching what I'm perpetuating, Then I am just wasting my money on clothes and shoes.

For me, what is very important is when after a week of being using REVERSE from Rodan & Fields, I walk into the Salon where I sub-lease and the manager of the salon asks me, "What have done to your skin, it is glowing?!!!". At that moment, I know that this is my skin product...I'm not even using a base to try to even up the color of my skin, I go work "bare skin" everyday.

My clients tell me that I look younger with a great figure, healthy, and with beautiful hair. They want to know what I use and what I'm doing to look the way I do in my mid forties and with a full hysterectomy operation for 6 years now... they think that my skin should look dry and dull, and should have been gaining way in my waist area and losing some body muscle. I'm not a "body builder"...but I'm pretty tone, at least for my age.

I think that what I do different is to take care of myself from the inside out and from the outside in... How do I take care of my inside? Well, I daily take two ounces in the morning of AIO....a Liquid Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement, before taking anything else

And the workout program that I use is the P90x, you can read about the product or may be aware of the infomercials.

I also drink one gallon of water a day (no sodas), alcohol once in a while.

I have tried the products and because they work for me, I decided to promote something that has been recommended to me now for quite a while.

To read literature about this product or make a purchase go to http://www.cristinacrawford.com/