Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair Tips

I have decided to start a blog because of the number of calls I receive on my phone by clients on advice after they have colored their hair at home. It is impossible for me to answer all of them and sometimes people think that I'm rude.

A common question I get is: How after dying my hair black, do I go back to my natural dirty blond color without paying a fortune or spending more than 4 hours at the Hair Salon?

Another very common question I get is: Can I just go to the grocery store and pick-up a box of blond hair color and go back to my natural color?

Well let me tell you that it is nearly an impossible task to accomplish. Reason being, is that black is the hardest hair dye to remove and no one can remove black color in one day, much less a single application. We have to remove black permanent dye in a series of stages.
Here is how it works

First color remover application: We go from black to red

Second application: We go from red to red/orange

Third application: red/orange to orange

Fourth application: Orange to orange/gold

Fifth application: orange/gold to gold

Sixth application: gold to yellow/gold

Seventh application: yellow/gold to yellow

Eighth application: yellow to pale yellow

After all these steps are complete, the stylist has to apply what we call toner to close down the cuticle of the hair and achieve the desired tone and level.

With this process, it is normal that you hair will feel a little dry or very dry depending on the condition of your hair before starting the process and the products that you use and/or you have a keratin treatment between every other process.

A very important point that I want to make here is that if you are thinking of doing a color correction, please have a consultation with your colorist before the day of service. Talk to
your colorist about the whole process and make sure that they are experienced in providing this service. Visiting an upscale salon is no guarantee that the service provider is experienced with this type of procedure. More importantly YOU HAVE TO BE COMMITTED to the whole process otherwise don't waste you and your colorist's time and MONEY.

In most cases, I recommend that you start with hi-lites instead of color correction, the reasons being:

#1. It is cheaper.

#2. It is easier on the hair.

#3. It is going to look better than the first color correction application.

4:You will be more committed with the process.

5:Everybody happy.

I have seen people starting their color correction and after the first visit, run to the drug store and get hair color in the box (that is what I call hair horror in the box) trying to expedite the process. Apply it....and WOW!!!! BIG MISTAKE.

I'm hoping that this answer will help every one out there who has the same question.

Hair is the most important thing to me, so if you have any hair or skin related questions feel free to e-mail me at cristinacrawford66@gmail.com, it will be my pleasure to answer any of your questions.

PS: No more phone calls with questions please, is hard for me to answer my cell when working on my clients.

Have a nice hair.


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